Back to School, Back to Workouts



Back to School, Back to Workouts

So our kids are back at school and the summer holidays now seem like a distant memory.

It’s probably been difficult to maintain any kind of structure during the summer break; providing a part time taxi service for your kids, going on holiday and having guests around the house, staying up late and sleeping in late, all can impact negatively on your fitness regime. If this sounds like you, read on and discover how to get back on track and revive your fitness routine with the start of a new season. So pause here, and take a deep breath if your feeling frustrated and know everything will be just fine.

When you stop for a few weeks your body takes a break and that makes it difficult to get back into the swing of things. As your body isn’t used to rigorous exercise it’s important to accept you won’t have maintained the same level of fitness throughout the summer months. Your fitness routine may be buried in summer indulgence leaving you feeling guilty, if so time to do something about it!

Do not despair and get frustrated when you can only run for 5 minutes before becoming breathless. Stick with it and within a couple of weeks you’ll regain your previous fitness levels, if you are consistent.

There are myriad of ways to make the transition easier for anyone who’s had a break from regular exercise and wants to start a workout programme again.

Here are my 5 top tips on putting the summer lull behind you and getting back to healthy eating and living.

1. Don’t Quit

You’ve just had a break from exercise and it can feel like starting out fresh all over again with sore muscles and a tired mind holding you back. Most people decide to quit at this point. DON’T!

Push through the barrier – The first weeks are always the hardest but when you make progress each month it will be worth the effort in the end.

2.  Get A Workout Buddy

Training with someone else helps keep you accountable, making you less likely to skip a session or a rep while you’re working out. It can help you to push yourself further and work out for longer if you have someone else with you.

3. Eat Right

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand but during the summer break it can be easy to fall off the wagon. Whether you’ve been abroad and eaten out every day or visited the ice cream van back home you, draw a line in the sand and get back to eating clean healthy food again. No matter how hard you try you can’t out run a bad diet!

4.  Hydrate 

The school break may be over but the summer heat will still be around for a few weeks yet so it’s imperative to stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. Drink water about an hour before you start and keep a bottle with you during your workout. Aim to drink about half a pint after you’ve finished.

5. Have Fun

If you want go get in shape by using a running programme but you hate running find an alternative. The fitness industry is so varied there are hundreds of ways you can get in shape. Enjoyment is the key to success. Look forward to your workout, don’t dread it. Try maybe pilates, yoga, Zumba, HITT (high intensity interval training) boxing, trampolining or get a personal trainer like me.

For more health and fitnes advice or if you want more details on how to get in shape contact me on info@cherronleejohnson.com, facebook: cherronpilates, instagram: cherronleejohnson.

Let’s chat soon,

Big Love

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