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Winter Urban Mini Retreat

8th December 2019 

Level ONE Reiki/Seichem Attunements Spring 2020 with Brenda Davis of The Reiki Council of Great Britain and Myself

Details To Be Confirmed…


Event Review:

 I am so happy with how the event went.  Before the event was even half way through people wanted to sign up for the next one.  I feel blessed that I must be doing right!    Getting feedback is so important to me so I can deliver an improved experience every time.  

Those spikey stimulating balls had everyone enthralled.  Doing Indian head and face massage topped with the jade face roller experience was awesome and utter self indulgence.
What a result with Sweaty Beauty, they gave everyone a £25 gift voucher plus one lucky lady  won a gift voucher from HB Therapy in Dulwich.
In the last hour everyone felt even more blissful with all the high vibrations from the reiki session.  
The morning after everyone said they had the best night sleep❤💜💙💚💛.  Now that is validation I love👌🏾



Well done Cherron, using the spike soft balls was a revelation. Since my accident 4 years ago, has left area’s of my left foot not having 100% feelings. Today I felt tingerlin, that’s something I  haven’t felt for a long time. 
I enjoyed today very much, Hope your arranging part 2 soon. Many thanks for the gifts especially the facial.
Congratulations Cherron.
Much love 


I met Cherron a few months ago and signed up for her mini retreat because we are working together and I wanted to experience what she does. I’ve had reiki, I’ve done Pilates. None of these experiences prepared me for the fully intense 3 1/2 hour detox Cherron had planned. I walked in with my eyeballs bursting (2 hours travel across London had really affected my sinuses) and a body full of aches and pains. Spiky balls, absolutely fabulous for the fascia and my feet luuuuurve them!!! Tapping, face massage and jade roller had my sinuses unblocking within minutes, I could literally feel them draining. The reiki was fabulous. I almost fell asleep sitting up in a chair surrounded by people. Your reiki assistant, Isabelle intuitively knew that I needed help with childhood issues and made the healing sign of Zonar, when I looked it up later it made perfect sense. Cherron asked us to look over our shoulder (mentally) to see our animal totem and I saw a bear immediately and I remember thinking ‘no I love tigers!!!’ But for my situation, it was absolutely right. 
I went home and slept like a baby, and when I woke up after 11 hours I wasn’t thinking at all (very unusual for me, I normally wake up catching on to my train of thought from the night before). I also sweated lots during the night, and I know that’s not the most attractive recommendation for a retreat but neither was the sinus draining 😊 both signify a massive clearout of toxins and I’m one very happy bunny right now!!!! 
Cherron, thank you xxx


Just want to say thank you for a great afternoon, really enjoyed it. And my husband said I look ten years younger. I think he’s lying, but he knows what’s good for him.


I met with Cherron complaining of a tooth-ache, the ache had worsened considerably in the days leading up to meeting with her, my whole head was hurting, the throb was constant.   However, a toothache was not the only issue, my body was experiencing significant systemic pain, my nervous system was on hyper alert with every nerve; joint; limb and organ displaying one anomaly or another.  I did not go into detail with Cherron about the systemic nature of my bodily pain, rather I advised her of the area that was a dominant source of pain at that time; toothache.   
The nature of my work can be emotionally and spiritually draining (investigating the systemic nature of child-abuse in government institutions), this, in turn, and for a variety of reasons, can impact upon my physicality and immunology.
The healing lasted for approximately 12 to 15 minutes, notably, I went into the healing with my mouth clenched and my body tense, it is difficult to assume a relaxed bodily posture when experiencing significant pain.  About three-quarters of the way through Cherron asked me what I was feeling, it struck me that I wasn’t feeling anything, moreover, my jaw had become so relaxed that my mouth had fallen open, without me even realizing.  Perhaps the most significant thing about the healing was that the process happened so naturally, all that was required was an open and receptive disposition to the healing.  A week later and the beneficial impact of the healing remains, the throbbing pain has not returned.
Despite Cherron not being informed of the wider anomalies in my nervous system, the healing has demonstrated a wider capacity, as this pain has also reduced considerably.   I am more than impressed and would recommend that any individual engages with this process.   There is everything to gain in feeling well again!  Thank-you Cherron!

Main Sponcors

Mini Winter Retreat In Dulwich

JAGS Sports Club, December 2018


Thank you for an amazing afternoon Cherron. I was worried about getting started again after the long lay off with my injured hand. A cat bite on 5th May lead to 2 visits to A&E, 10 days in hospital and three lots of surgery. I am still attending the Hand Therapy Clinic weekly. As I arrived today at the Mini Retreat I had 60% of movement.

Absolutely amazing.

Home now and the improved movement remains. It was a really lovely , a supportive group and Cherron wad her usual brilliant and inspiring self. I can move forward now. Highly recommend for everyone. Thank you.

The spikey balls are a revelation! I am. After reiki I had 90% movement absolutely amazing.

~Geraldine Finley


Really enjoyed working with the spiky balls – they are small but mighty – and it really highlighted how much tension my body holds in different areas. As always, Cherron made the session really engaging and easy to follow. Having 3 hours vs. the usual hour slot we have for a regular class made the pace feel just right.

It was also my first experience of Reiki. I knew of it, but seeing and feeling it in practice was very illuminating and it is something I am intrigued to explore further. Thanks for a great practice Cherron! you for an amazing afternoon Cherron. 

~Amanda Dixon


 The spiky balls are a revelation! I am hoping to work them into my week regularly as I know I don’t spend enough time stretching and working out the knots and kinks. Taking the time to do that today has left me feeling lighter and more balanced all over and calmer.

The reiki was fascinating. I felt a huge wave of energy coursing upwards, an unfolding and a radiant light behind my eyes. Paulette, who you trained also honed in on a part of my body which troubles me and I will be following that up, as well as investigating a full reiki treatment. I left feeling really balanced and happy.

~Lydia Baldwin


I was very excited about the mini treat and enjoyed the whole experience extremely! The massaging balls we used while exercising made me feel so good too and I demonstrated their use at home to my husband and children, and  are now everyone’s hit 😉

It was first time for me to experience reiki and it felt great too. The energy between all of us there was awesome.

I am so grateful that I was able to join into this very special event and I must praise Cherron for making this experience absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much! I give Cherron ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  she is the best!

~Silvie Zeka

Introduction To Reiki

Event Details:

TBA, 2018, JAGS Sports Club, Red Post Hill, Dulwich, London SE24 9JN, 07956 191714

Advance Booking essential.


I am so excited that I am able to help assist hosting this event for my dear friend Brenda Davies, Chair of The Reiki Council, who taught me Reiki many years ago. This is a night not to be missed. Brenda is  inspirational, informative and full of wisdom. Come with an open heart to discover new possibilities.

Discover the power and benefit of utilising this universal life force energy that flows through and surrounds every living thing. Brenda will help you understand what Reiki is and how you can use it and benefit from it in your everyday life.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well being. If there is a blocked or a restricted flow of energy, this can make you feel weak, tired and more vulnerable to illness.  Reiki is a frequency of high vibrational energy, which helps to bring balance to you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Discover the work at St.Georges Hospital, in Tooting, London, in a project called “Connecting Reiki with Medicine.” and the amazing impact in this video:

Reiki is a mindful practice and here are some of the many benefits as listed below:

Helps you develop a sense of peace and deep relaxation

Help with pain relief, stress or any tension

Calms you nervous system

Decreases anxiety and depression

Helps to heals past traumas and negative experiences

Helps you coping with difficult life changes

Helps to remove negative emotions like guilt, fears, grief, despair, hopelessness, feeling stuck, loss of direction

Improves your focus and concentration

Helps you sleep better

Improves your self-believe, self confidence, self esteem

Stimulates your creativity and increases vitality

Helps to balance your mind and emotions

Limited spaces so book your place NOW. Send me a text on 07956 191714 or an email to and book directly with me.

2018, JAGS Sports Club, Red Post Hill, Dulwich, London SE24 9JN,

Loads of love and good vibes.

A new six week course starting in January 2018, which will allow you to explore mindfulness through breath, movement (with a particular focus on Pilates), and meditation.  Participants will also learn how to manipulate energy levels with an introduction to Reiki.

Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, and is proven to improve clarity and general wellbeing.

View More >>

Mindfulness Workshop

6 Weeks Course @ JAGS Sports Club ( Thurs Jan 11th-Feb 15th 2018)

Event Details:

Jan 11-Feb 15

A new six week course starting in January 2018, which will allow you to explore mindfulness through breath, movement (with a particular focus on Pilates), and meditation.  Participants will also learn how to manipulate energy levels with an introduction to Reiki.

Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, and is proven to improve clarity and general wellbeing.

View More >>

Mindful Pilates and Gong Therapy


“Me time” to create harmony and balance in your mind, body and soul.

What The Ladies Say...


Really enjoyed the pilates and relaxation was perfect what a great alternative way to spend a >Saturday evening Have experienced a lot of sound healing and pilates but this was just the best. Superb space and teaching.

~Jenny New


I feel truly relaxed and re-energized after this workshop I was really feeling anxious and stressed but this took me to another place a place of peace and serenity.



Fabulous! Lovely Pilates class with lots of new moves and intentions.  The gongs were new to me to very interesting and Powerful. I was really moved by this! Cherron and Joh are a great team. Felt very energized and yet calm at the end of the session.  More please!

~Brigit Green


The combination  of pilates, reiki and sound healing was fantastic  even though it’s over a week my body is still going through a balancing process.will I do it again definitely YES.

~Victoria Olafare

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