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Hi There,

I’m Cherron, a Pilates Teacher and a Well-Being Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Author, blogger, Speaker, Mummy and more; with a passion for helping you love the skin your in.

Hi There,

I’m Cherron, a Pilates Teacher and a Well-Being Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Author, blogger, Speaker, Mummy and more; with a passion for helping you love the skin your in.

I HAVE OVER 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the fitness industry and for the last 10 years my focus has been Pilates which is definately my thing.  I love to help people radiate self-love, to step up, walk taller, become more poised, confident and feel elegantly empowered.

Joesph Pilates believed by maneuvering with ease, flow and grace in your body,  this would transcend into other areas of your life too.  I believe we have infinate potential and should follow our own passion and pursue our dreams. And when you find your own rhythm and flow you are happier, and I definately want to live in a world full of happy people.  Pilates is rooted in principles to help you OWN IT!

 I also worked as an artist/photographer, actor, model and dancer.  Now at 55 years I have lived a colourful life which has contributed to the person I am today with my own personel style of teaching with pilates at the core.  


"It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of mind, self and intelligence."

~B.K.S Iyenar.~

I have literally worked with 1000’s of clients in classes, workshops, privately and retreats. Whatever your ability or age I can help you, currently my oldest client to-date is 93 years young!  

 As I evolve as a coach, they evolve on their well-being journey too.

"We are all work in progress."

A Symbolic Reflection

Amazon International Best Selling Author in 5 Categories.

Symbolic Reflection is my story.  In my thirties, I had a terrible accident and experienced an outer body phenomena.  This changed my perspective on life.  Now the new Cherron can help you with your life through reflection.

My story takes you on a journey of conscious awakening.  This is echoed in my  work as a Pilates Teacher and a Reiki Practioner.  I am  passionate about encouraging clients to develop a more mindful practice. I help my clients to feel more in control, enriched and inspired by gaining understanding on how their mind, body and breath work in unison creating transformation from the inside out.

With a background in dance, this adds a unique element to my practice.  For me I love to see my clients start to move more with grace and poise, from a strong core centre and a toned body feeling enlived from within their soul.

How It All Began

I love when synchronity happens and you grab an opportunity that pesents itself, then boom, magic happens. December 2016, I casually met Placida Acheru who subsequently invited me to contribute to her ambitious projec, ‘Love Unboxed’ to  be one of 20 women from all over the world to to contribute a story to inspire and empower other women.

It was a whirlwined project.  The forward was written by Imra Kurtz, the legendary Cosmopolitan agony aunt.  Then wow, we jetted to number one in five countries and in five catorgories!

Like everyone, we all have a story in us and I am so glad I could share mine with the world to help empower and inspire other women.

Publications Featured In

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Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse New Moon live on Facebook with Cherron

Wishing you all a powerful and nurturing weekend with not only the summer solstice but also a solar eclipse new moon.  As an observer of astrology, I understand this as a powerful portal of energy to tap into and maximise this moment to help us move forward positively...

Pilates Still Online

Hey There, Sharing a beautiful flower from my garden with you. Well, well, well,  11th week in and we are still on lockdown.  People have asked me when will the gyms reopen, the truth is I have no idea! I am missing seeing all your lovely faces and feeling that sense...

Stay Active, Stay Safe

  So classes are still on track and going well, the sunshine is back and just glorious, the skies are blue, and we celebrated the 75th V-Day with a mini picnic in the garden.  Also did you notice the super full moon we had on the 7th too?  Well if you want more...

Spring Time Pilates

Happy month of May to you.  I have been speaking to so many people that are busier than ever while some have plenty of time on their hands. Either way, I really hope you have time for reflection to evaluate and tune into yourself. Self-reflection is a powerful thing....

Pilates From Physical to Digital

  Hey There. Thank you for joining me on this lockdown journey for the last 4 weeks.  It has certainly been a learning curve with technology and finding a new way of working for all of us.  Now hopefully I can provide you with an even  smoother service. So I hope to...

Pilates Online To Brighten Up Your Inner World

HI There, So the lockdown continues and it is so important we stay active for our sanity.  I have done my best in the last few weeks to keep you all happy and moving.  As we know our health is our true wealth and it really is a great opportunity to get even fitter. ...

Easter Online Pilates

HI There, First let me wish you a wonderful  Easter however you are able to spend it and I hope you can find a safe space to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and sunshine. Also hope you're managing to get creative in how to spend your days if your not working so you...

Pilates Live Classes Online



Mini Local Retreat in Dulwich

February Urban Retreat Pre-Valentine Self-Pamper Afternoon It is that time of year again to take time out to reset, rejuvenate and relax at my Mini Retreat. For the first time this event welcomes our lovely male participants to join us ladies on this occasion. It is...

Happy New Year to you!!! ❤❤❤ This is a special time with the start of a new decade. I hope you had lots of festive fun and laughter.  January is a great time to reset, re-evaluate and move forward with a positive outlook.   I will be back working...
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