Cherron Johnson
Hi There This summer I went to Corfu for one week. Not only did I want a holiday to have some ‘me time’ but I also took my camera thinking I would film some inspiring workouts in amazing scenery.  However, that did not happen. Hence, I ended up doing nothing, not even a few stretches when it was cooler in the morning …..  bad idea! I did put my workout clothes on but that is as far as I got and managed to take some lovely photos.  At least that moment wasn’t lost! When I came back it felt such a struggle to just restart, more than normal this time for some reason and that was definately not a nice feeling.  I’m convinced, just a few daily stretches would have made all the difference.

My Top Twelve Tips for Never Growing Old

I told someone my age recently and they gasped in horror, maybe because they thought being that old is something to be ashamed of, or maybe because they thought I was younger and about their age.  For a moment I suspect it was all about them, that in fact they looked my age, or older for their age possibly….. I really have to make it clear, I have no problem with telling the world I am 55.  When I was younger I do remember telling certain people I was in fact even younger because that’s what women did right?  To grow older was not supposed to happen and to pretend it wasn’t happening was the done thing. Now I am way past lying about my age and totally want to smash any stereotypes out there on age-ism. The best place to be, is to be comfortable in your skin and with your age. It is really just a number and it’s up to you to give it meaning in terms of how you should look, feel and behave. Live by your own rules, otherwise you will certainly be living by someone else’s.  Whoever that someone else is, I am not

Marrakech Memories 2018

Recently back from our lovely Urban Retreat staying in the heart of the ancient city.  Amongst the vibrancy of this colourful and exciting city we found our time and space for tranquility, reiki, pilates, and spas to revitalised and simply feel amazing. Look out for the next one,  due to popular demand we will go again in late September 2018.  


If you are thinking about doing Pilates you are probably asking yourself these questions: “What is it and what are the benefits?” Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, his aim was to create a system to engage the mind and condition the total body.  It is a blend of strength and flexibility training. The emphasis is on improving your core, posture, alignment, reduce stress, aches and pains and create long lean muscles without bulking up.  You will feel elegantly empowered by developing a sense of wellbeing and inner confidence.   BENEFITS The benefits are functional and will help support you in your daily life activities and other exercise disciplines whether it is golf, dance, HITT or football.  Also, it can

REIKI – A Tool For Transformation In Your Hands

I am so excited that I am able to help assist hosting this event for my dear friend Brenda Davies, Chair of The Reiki Council, who taught me Reiki many years ago. This is a night not to be missed. Brenda is  inspirational, informative and full of wisdom. Come with an open heart to discover new possibilities. Discover the power and benefit of utilising this universal life force energy that flows through and surrounds every living thing. Brenda will help you understand what Reiki is and how you can use it and benefit from it in your everyday life. We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and
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