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Kabak Valley Pilates And Wellness Retreat

Annual Retreats –  2020 date to be confirmed


Pilates, Reiki And Chi Gong On The Beach

Kabak Valley Video Gallery, 2019


Enliven Your Mind, Body & Soul

Kabak Valley Photo Gallery 2019


Pilates and Reiki Retreat


If you want to feel revitalised, refreshed and rejuvenated, my Retreats are perfect for you.  I don’t offer classes I offer transforming experiences,  And to do this in one of Turkeys best keep secrets in the Kabak Valley adds the WOW factor.  It is a place of natural beauty with a spectacular coast line and beaches. The scenery is intoxicating filling you with healing and good vibrations.  This is the perfect location to get into you and feel  enlivened in your mind, body and soul.


7 nights stay

*Transit cost from Dalaman Airport to Kabak Valley and return when travelling in the group

*Breakfast/Brunch and dinner are included at the location

*Plus water, coffee and herbal teas included

*A complimentary day trip to Olu Deniz by boat (weather-permitting) for a traditional Turkish bath. This includes travel costs and a Ritual Turkish Bath offered by the Sanctuary Day Spa in Olu Deniz. Any extras such as facials are available at extra cost.

*Two Daily Pilates Sessions –  includes Chi Gong

*Reiki group and individual healing sessions

*Swimming pool

*The will be lots of ‘me time’ to relax and get into your own zone

*A complimentary gift pack upon your arrival



*Promotional price £599 based on two people sharing

*£20 extra per night for single person supplement

*Flights not included nor transport to and from the airport in England

Contact number: 


Looking forward to seeing you all there


Hi Cherron,

The combination of pilates, qigong, stretching, reiki and yoga was perfect and left me feeling healthier and nourished in mind and body.

Secondly, the pace of the week was perfect. Time for excursions, time to get to know each other, time for myself, time for group and individual sessions, with lots of laughter and good food.

Last but not least, the close connection that was formed by all of us on the retreat, despite having different backgrounds and stories, was amazing.

Our reiki session was on the beach and we were specifically addressing issues I felt I was having with my younger daughter, Lily. At the time the session left me with a feeling of peace, and a slight physical reaction on my fingertips. But I didn’t feel any grand change or shift. Since then, I feel things have improved between me and Lily (though that was happening anyway – it’s difficult to untangle whether the reiki helped this along), but more importantly, I’m no longer worrying about our relationship, so that’s a positive impact for me.  

And, this was remarkable, before my very eyes the reiki on the wasp sting made the swelling go down immediately, was very helpful and welcomed.

I will definitely consult your reiki skills next time I’m in need of rebalancing.  Much love to you and thank you.

~ Dina


Hi Cherron,

Although I don’t understand Reiki, I have felt more at peace since the Retreat.  At the one to one session the intention was towards dealing with my anxiety and fear. When I think about it, I keep recalling the peace of the forest high above the blue sea and then choosing that oracle card regarding me feeling worthy was serendipity itself.  

Since I have been back, I was helping out after a social at church and someone thanked me and gave me a bottle of punch and she and the vicar said “because you’re worth it!”

All can say is thank you, Cherron, thank you. x



~ Jayne


This was such a special experience I am looking forward to my next Retreat with Cherron.

A lovely of the beaten track venue with the Pilates decks overlooking the sea so we saw the sun rise and set during our practice

The group was well selected. You never know whether you will get on with the others in the group, but we did and I believe this was due to Cherron selecting people she hoped would do so.

The Pilates and Stretch and De- stress sessions were pitched at all levels so everyone could participate whether you were a beginner or more advanced.

Cherron always teaches creative classes that reach the parts that others don’t and it was a delight to have her every day for a week and get more one to one instruction.

The mix of disciplines was great with Chi gong, reiki and Pilates as well as stretch and meditation, but still plenty of free time in the middle.

Obviously a lot of thought and preperation had gone into the week and it showed.


~ Bev


Dear Cherron,

I want to thank you for the wonderful and magical experience I had at your Turkey retreat. I immediately felt a deep connection to you and found you to be very intuitive, compassionate and loving to everyone you met.

I felt very secure to be myself and allow myself to go deep into all the experiences you offered. I particularly enjoyed the tribal dancing that you incorporated into your flow pilates. Something deep and primeval resonated within me as I heard the beat of the drums and the music quicken . It definitely opened something deep within me.

I want to mention my experiences regarding my reiki interactions with you. When I meditate I usually see colours. The first healing session I had with you when you came close to me or touched me I immediately saw you in a yellowy green colour which merged into the pink orange that I was feeling and seeing. It was very beautiful and I enjoyed being immersed in this colour display. Half way through our healing session I suddenly felt a very deep pulling sensation through my heart which almost pulled me off my chair. You were working on me drawing out something but I felt it all. After my colours changed to a pure silvery white. When I finally opened my eyes everything looked so bright and all colours were beautifully intense. I felt very enlivened and happy though at the same time deeply relaxed.

Later that evening we did a meditation at the end of our stretching class and I went into meditation easily without much effort. When you drew us back you asked us to notice our totem animal. Nothing came to me at the time though I tried to think of the white tiger which is my Chinese year of birth animal and of which I feel an affinity.

On our final day of our retreat you performed my final reiki healing session. We found a beautiful place high above the sea next to a large rock which shielded us from any public interference and allowed us to feel relaxed and secure and in touch with Mother Earth. We discussed what I would like to achieve in this session and we decided that I needed to sever myself from ‘boundaries ‘. All my life I have been governed by ancestral dogma and great expectations placed on me. I always do what’s expected of me rather than what I would like to do and I have imposed this on my own children.

Going into the Law and becoming a lawyer and abiding to all rules has been a big part of my journey. I did a 10 month Spiralling course working on casting off all ancestral dogma, false pride , guilt , jealousy etc and have been working on empowering myself and allowing myself to be the best that I can be. That’s why I was attracted to this retreat.

We went through a ritual to break ties it was really magical and allowed me to go deep into myself. At one point I felt a strange tugging like a switch going off in my body. I saw many beautiful colours again including a deep indigo purple colour which I usually equate with healing. When Cherron drew me back I felt really deeply relaxed and a bit other worldly. After wards I went for a long swim far out in the ocean and felt truly amazing.

That afternoon we left the hotel by bus and I slept all the way to the airport, I slept on the plane back to London and when I finally reached our place of rest at 4am I slept quickly and easily until the next morning and woke up energised and happy. I am usually an extremely poor and light sleeper.

Since my reiki experience I seem to be opened up to new experiences and see everything in a different light. I am now empowered to speak my mind more truly and be my true self.

Last night I attended a Clairvoyance evening with my husband. An unusual occurrence happened . The clairvoyant came up to me and said he saw a horseshoe by my feet which was lucky. Then he saw a man leading a palomino horse to me. I immediately resonated with this and felt that this finally was my true spirit or totem animal. When I returned home I researched this and found that the Palomino or golden horse signifies the coming of a spiritual manifestation and is symbolic of the rising sun and master of action. It symbolises freedom and new journeys. It allows me to free myself from perceived limitations. It teaches me how to ride in new directions and to awaken and discover my freedom and power. I need to understand that real power is the wisdom found in remembering my journey as a whole.

Furthermore compassion, caring, teaching, living and sharing my gifts, talents and abilities are the gateway to power.

Another result of my time with you Cherron is that i now can really feel and summon up the chi or energy force and it feels so special and wondrous.

Thank you for a truly amazing time.

All my love and light. xxx


~ Jen

Pilates and Reiki Retreat

Marrakech Getaway, May 2018

Event Details:

Every year we hold Bespoke Retreats in exotic locations.  A time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate  as you shower yourself with love and attention.  From 16th May – 19th May 2018. we will have our first Marrakech Retreat of Mindful Pilates with an introduction to the energy healing practice of Reiki.  You will also have the ulitimate spa holistic experience in a traditional Hammams, to both revitialise and relax you.

MonRiad is In the heart of Marrakech, in a typical lane in the ancient town centre of the medina within 5 minutes from the main square Jamal El Fna and a few steps away from Bahia Palace, an oasis of freshness and tranquillity arises.

MonRiad, completely refurbished and opened in May 2010, maintains the traditional architecture and design of the typical moroccan houses, the white of the walls in “tadelakt” and the “majorelle” blue of the tiles are only an example of the unique charm this place can offer.

MonRiad has a living room with a fireplace and satellite TV, a relax lounge, Internet wi-fi, 11 rooms all en-suite, a small whirlpool in the patio, which gives a unique experience where time seems to have stopped. During the day from the terrace, you can admire the medina and the “Koutoubia” mosque, while at night a spectacular starry sky.

Be nurtured by a professional and discreet team who will be at your complete service for all the duration of your stay. MonRiad can satisfy all your needs: from the breakfast served in your room, to the aperitif on the terrace or by the mini plunge pool. For your wellbeing, MonRiad offers the opportunity of beauty treatments and massages with the exquisite and authenic argan oil. 

What’s Included:

3 x nights, and 4 full days 

✓ Shared Room

✓ Daily practice of Pilates

✓ Daily practice and introduction of Reiki and energy healing.

✓ 2 meals including breakfast and choice of lunch or dinner.

✓ 1 Afternoon session in a traditional Morrocan hammon Spa.

✓ Additional Spa treatments available if you desire to purchase.

✓ Pilates mats provided

✓ Traditional Moroccan cookery with lunch – optional @ £30

✓ Free time to enjoy the beautiful city

✓ Local swimming pool available

✓ Airport transfers in Morocco included

How Much it costs:

Earlybird – Only £430.00 discounted rate  , NO PLACES LEFT(Sold Out)

Standard rate –  £550.00 NO PLACES LEFT, (Sold Out)

Flights not included – Return flights recently purchased for £112.95 from Easyjet.

No-Refundable desposit to secure your place of £50.

How To Book:

For More Information & Booking call 07956 191 714 or Contact with:

Full Name:

Date Of Birth:

Contact number:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

September 2018 location to be announced very soon… 


Just wanted to express my thanks to you and the women with whom I was able to share the wonderful and culturally evoking Marrakech experience. A surprising feast for the all senses throughout. Combined with Pilates, Reiki, good food and fun very much at the forefront of this journey. The sensual, peaceful yet thought provoking experiences came as am unexpected bonus.

Thanks to your patience, organising skills , calm, supportive, openness and experience. I personally could not have wished for a better teacher.

Thank you for sharing and enabling each individual in their own way experience of Reiki and Pilates in such a beautiful setting. And of course the opportunity of sharing and of making new friends.

I look forward to your next trip.



It was a great experience to share the enjoyment of her classes with a bunch of people I didn’t know before. We also embarked on a few adventures together, just to get to know Marrakech and the surrounding areas. We also had a taster of Reiki, and I particularly remember the Reiki experience in the Atlas mountains.

I normally travel alone but sharing a few days with a group of people made me feel very spiritual. Sharing life stories and also laughing together made me feel part of something special. On the first day, we bonded over a very special Hammam bath experience. The best massage I have ever had!

Pilates on the roof of the Riad was complimented by the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of prayers. Wonderful.

I would thoroughly recommend joining one of Cherron’s retreats. A experience I would never forget.



Before going to the retreat I was feeling really excited. I have been willing to go to Marrakesh for long and this was the perfect opportunity.

The highlight of the retreat was the connection I was able to feel with some of the other ladies and to discover the power of healing in a different environment. I also loved the spa time and doing Pilates on a rooftop.

The retreat helped me to remember that is important to take “me” time and I am sure it will help me to go on more retreats because I really liked it!

Before the reiki session with Cherron I was feeling a bit nervous and curious. I am a healer myself and also know that I do not get enough healing so I was a bit wondering what would happen. After the session I was feeling deep peace and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Cherron.

The biggest outcome was that I was able to get clarity on why I went to Marrakesh and what was next for me in my healing journey. I felt it was very powerful !





The Retreat was amazing. I met and shared with some lovely and interesting people.  The Reiki was awesome and the Pilates really stretched me.  The Spa had you Chilled. Had a wonderful time.

Can’t wait to go again.


More Memorable Moments....


Puglia, Italy


Pilates at Sunset



It was truly a lovely experience that allowed me to experience and feel the benefits of consistent daily Pilate’s and pure healthy eating over a long weekend. Much more importantly to me I feel healthier and happier than I’ve ever been by changing the way I prepare meals and exercising regularly, …inspired by lovely , elegant Cherron.



Cherron  had organised a good balance between exercising the body and mind and sight seeing. I still remember vividly the day when the pilates class took place in a secluded beach. That felt like paradise just happened and we were able to touch it and imprint  it in our souls.  Can’t wait for the next adventures. Xxx.

~David & Isabelle


What lovely memories, oh yes! Pilates on the beach was heavenly. The group was caring and warm. The food was very healthy, fresh and flavoursome, and our Hosts were great. I felt at peace and self indulgent in a very good way.  The surroundings were Beautiful. The Cherry on  top was doing Pilates 2  times a day with Cherron.

~Paulette Cohen


The retreat was wonderful. I enjoyed bonding with people from my gym that I did not know and now we are great friends. Very happy memories. The location was amazing and of course it was lovely to have Pilates classes with Cherron every day!    

~Elizabeth Lewis

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