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Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse New Moon live on Facebook with Cherron

Wishing you all a powerful and nurturing weekend with not only the summer solstice but also a solar eclipse new moon.  As an observer of astrology, I understand this as a powerful portal of energy to tap into and maximise this moment to help us move forward positively both individually and collectively.

The summer solstice has always been celebrated by our ancestors as a time to acknowledge the longest day of daylight in our hemisphere. We also have the solar eclipse new moon unusually, which is the perfect alignment of the earth, sun and moon, a symbolic union.  It embraces both feminine and masculine energy to seed ideas to birth for the months ahead.

This is a time to reflect, go within, be objective and taketime out to be still.  This will help us tune into our inner wisdom to help create clear intentions for the future.

I will mark this time with a mediation in motion to honour and acknowledge this magical time.

Please tune in and join me live for both events if you can.

Wishing you peace, positivity and power!

Cherron xxx

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