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Hey There.

Thank you for joining me on this lockdown journey for the last 4 weeks.  It has certainly been a learning curve with technology and finding a new way of working for all of us.  Now hopefully I can provide you with an even  smoother service. So I hope to still see your lovely faces online and soon in reality.

Lets get you in my WhatsApp group. So I will need your phone number and we can talk in there.  It will be the only hub where we can have that one central point of  contact.  My number is 07956 191 714

I have repackaged as announced last week.

Click on the link below and make your choices.

Confirm your choices and payment (your name for reference) in the group or privately in WhatsApp.

Then privately in WhatsApp you will be sent the link DAILY 30mins  before your class starts.

Please care and do not share as we are all in it together.

Hope this is clear.  Please click on the link .❤🙏🏽❤

Keep smiling


Cherron xxx

Ño Downloads available until further notice

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