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So classes are still on track and going well, the sunshine is back and just glorious, the skies are blue, and we celebrated the 75th V-Day with a mini picnic in the garden.  Also did you notice the super full moon we had on the 7th too?  Well if you want more of an insight of this powerful event and interested in astrology you may find this article written by my sister inspiring and enlightening.
https://www.johjohnson.com/super-full-moon-in-scorpio-7-5-2020/Let’s take this wonderful new energy and keep your wellness a priority and stay active and keep doing your pilates with me online!

Next weeks schedule is the same as last week with same times, costs and booking procedure all attached in the link below.
Lets get you in my WhatsApp group. So I will need your phone number and we can talk in there.  It will be the only hub where we can have that one central point of  contact.  My number is 07956 191 714

  1. Click on the link below and make your class choices.
  2. Confirm your choices and payment (your name for reference) in the group or privately in WhatsApp.
  3. Then privately in WhatsApp you will be sent the link DAILY 30mins  before your class starts.

Please do not share the zoom link and display your name when you join.  Apparently there is a new thing called zoom booming, where very bored people are joining classes and doing strange things.  I will say no more!
Hope this is clear.  Here is the link again .❤🙏🏽❤

Enjoy your weekend and here is one of my Spotify playlists for your enjoyment too.😘

Lots of love and keep smiling

Cherron xxx
Ño Downloads available until further notice

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