Sleep Depraved Anyone?

If you have suffered from not being able to sleep then you will completely understand how sleep deprivation is used as torture!

Every week guaranteed I speak to a client that is having problems sleeping.

I sympathize totally as I suffered with this for years.  I had the usual lack of sleep as a new mum, then the stress of moving house, ill parents and dealing with death. This will escalate your stress levels and is enough to cause things to go out of wack.

We all know those people that can put their head down anywhere and just sleep, then they wake up flabbergasted that you didn’t sleep, couldn’t sleep and just don’t get it right?  I know because I was one of them! Never in my life did I need an alarm clock even if I had to wake up 4.30am for a film shoot.  I had the perfect internal clock with perfect control.

I was lucky to work with one of the country’s leading sleep experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  This really helped to reset my brain, my relationship with sleep and actually started to get quality sleep, hallelujah!

Stress is just one aspect of why you might not be sleeping.  There is so much you can do to address this problem and here are just a few things you may want to consider:

Not Sleeping In The Dark?

The number of people sleeping with the lights on has consistently increased, with their reasons ranging from one thing to another. However, what often coincides with this exposure to light is disruption of your body’s natural circadian rhythm. In the dark, the neurotransmitter/hormone melatonin is produced, which promotes deep restful sleep.

However, artificial exposure to light breaks down this chemical, so that you are not truly experiencing the restorative effects of deep sleep. The simple fix to this is to ensure you sleep in a room as dark as possible.

Do Sounds Bother You?

Let’s say that your room is perfectly dark, but you are still tossing and turning due to the tiniest annoying noise or sometimes even true silence can be deafening. What can be done about that? Obviously sound proofing is a viable option, but there is one thing that is superior to that; Introducing white noise – a controlled, consistent low “hum” that tends to drown out other minor nuisances. However sometimes even true silence can be deafening.

Take for example a fan running in the room. It is not noisy enough to be acutely annoying, but is still soothing with its ever present whirring. There also exist specialized white noise machines, which can mimic sounds such as rain, or waves gently crashing on the shoreline. This can contribute to a truly serene sleep experience.

Are You Eating Too Much Before Going to Bed?

Firstly, this may seem very obvious but eating a large meal close to bedtime causes food to rest on your stomach for a longer time, which can cause discomfort and the inability to sleep.

Secondly, with food in your stomach, the likelihood of experiencing reflux is much higher when you lay down. Many people experience nocturnal acid reflux, which can be serious if inhaled into the lungs unconsciously.

Are You Consuming Stimulants Too Late Into The Day?

Many of us drink some sort of stimulant based beverage during the day, whether that be coffee, tea or something of the sort. These are generally accepted to be safe, but can be troublesome when taken too late in the day. While caffeine is common in many of them, it does take about 4 hours to be completed eliminated by the body. So, if you go to bed at 10PM, then 6PM must be your last stimulant drink.

Is Your Mattress Sub-par?

When a bout of sleeplessness ensues, do you think about your mattress?  If you’ve had your mattress for more than a few years, chances are it’s less efficient than it was yesterday. Springs go out of place, sponge sinks in and bed bugs accumulate – making sleep less restorative and instead a nightly battle.

So I have just touched on a few aspects for now as there are lots of other things to consider which I will share again in the near future

Bye for now, and lets talk soon,

Cherron xxx