My Top Twelve Tips for Never Growing Old

I told someone my age recently and they gasped in horror, maybe because they thought being that old is something to be ashamed of, or maybe because they thought I was younger and about their age.  For a moment I suspect it was all about them, that in fact they looked my age, or older for their age possibly…..

I really have to make it clear, I have no problem with telling the world I am 55.  When I was younger I do remember telling certain people I was in fact even younger because that’s what women did right?  To grow older was not supposed to happen and to pretend it wasn’t happening was the done thing.

Now I am way past lying about my age and totally want to smash any stereotypes out there on age-ism.

The best place to be, is to be comfortable in your skin and with your age. It is really just a number and it’s up to you to give it meaning in terms of how you should look, feel and behave.

Live by your own rules, otherwise you will certainly be living by someone else’s.  Whoever that someone else is, I am not enslaved to it, they are not paying my mortgage, feeding my face nor do they have my best interest in hand.  Therefore, I define myself by what and how I feel at 55, hallelujah!.  To be honest it is much better now than 35 or 45.  I can’t remember 25, did too much partying.

Embrace your age……get over it and enjoy the time you have got left on this planet because the truth is we all can go at any age.  That is the one thing that is certain, we are all going!

Here are My Twelve Top Tips To Never Grow Old

1. Eat a colourful diet.

2. Laughter essential

3. Nurture friendships

4. Eat with friends and family

5. Get creative and find that thing or things you love to do and do it.

6. Dance as though someone IS watching and don’t give a dam.

7.  Warn your children you will embarrass them by your actions as you mature.

8. Embrace how you look and make the most of it.

9. Stop texting and have real conversations.

10.  Stop worrying about what people think of you, why should their opinion dictate your life.

11. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be more afraid of not doing anything!

12. Last but certainly not least, a younger lover can help keep you on your toes!

OOopppps, How can I forget to add this!   Do Pilates Of Course!!!

Live in the NOW folks,

Cherron XXx



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