I teach a group of over sixties once a week and one of the most important things that they want to work on in every class is their balance.

This is a forewarning;
Never underestimate the power of balance exercises!

Good balance gives you control. The older we get the more we need to work on our balance so we don’t lose control. Having good balance gives you independence and freedom. We all want to operate without fear of falling over or having an accident. It’s about being able to function safely as you go about your everyday life in the home, in the garden, on the dance floor, or maybe having to standing up in a bus or train or just carrying shopping.

A good sense of balance helps your awareness of your body in relation to the things around you.

Have you noticed a baby when they learn to balance they then are able to have so much more control and start to walk. This is freedom which we don’t want to lose when we get older. Balancing exercises are really for everyone no matter your age.

If you are as old as me you may remember Olga Korbut the darling of gymnastics in the Olympics in the 1970’s. She completely inspired me to do gymnastics and dance. Infact I wanted to be her. When everyone had pop stars as heroes I had Olga Korbut.

I grew up in a house with 7 people sharing one bathroom. When I could, I would lock myself in that bathroom and the rim of bath became my gymnastics bean. When I walked through that door I became Olga Korbut. I had perfect balance doing everything she did in my imagination. Then when it came to landing I would always surmount from my bath rim beam victorious and with a dash of Olga sass.  I suppose I was one of 1000’s of young girls that did this right?…… or……oh was it just me?……….

Anyway I was not that good but I did indulge in my fantasy even though I never gave myself a gold medal. I did it purely for the passion. I suppose I was quite lucky that I did not fall, crash in the bath and break my neck!

My top tip for today to develop strong core muscles to help support your spine is simple, just do pilates! This will stabilise your core centre to help you move more freely with confidence.

Here is a video I made earlier, ideal for beginners and post baby mums.