Procrastinating? My 7 Top Tips

No, I am not procrastinating, I’m just chilling………..

Do you ever beat yourself up about procrastinating? 

Got to do this, got to do that, blah, blah and more blah………  and somehow you just can’t get around to doing it…… that thing!

Does this then make you feel frustrated, guilty, angry and disappointed with yourself?

I’m sure we have all been there unless you are totally on your game all the time, super human and probably really annoying too.

I’m just saying……

This week I have a to-do list that I have not been able to tick all the boxes so far.  Why? Because lack of sleep.  I blame it on my cat. Twice this week he decides to wake me up at 3am…ish.  So hence, I’m buggered the next day and shit don’t get done!

Sometimes life gets in the way and the procrastination thing was more to do with just not having the energy.  And maybe it just doesn’t feel right to work through it when your body is telling you to chill out, put your feet up and have some Prosecco (in my case it’s rooibos tea as I don’t drink alcohol).

Hence, I have decided I am listening to my body and I am having lots of me time this week so I can once again feel functional and amazing too.  I need to get back on my game and step into my goddess powers and make magic happen in my world!

Boom, I’m on my way back!  How do I know? well having reflected I am now writing this and have planned some shopping therapy later today – going to tackle Ikea which is on my to-do list!

I am just doing what feels right and that my mind, body and soul can deal with right now.

Here are my 7 top tips to deal with procrastination:

1.  Let your cat sleep outside in nature or in a room far away from your bedroom.

2.  Be kind to yourself and realise when you die there will still be filing to do done, floors to mop, unused expensive shampoo still in the bottle and bills to be paid.

3.  Schedule your time to do jobs, it does help you to work more efficiently and effectively.

4.  If you have a tight schedule, logout of Facebook and just focus on the job in hand.

5.  Give yourself a reward when the big jobs have been completed.

6. If you can designate those jobs that you do not like to someone else, in my case I bribe my child or I just deal with it.  It is never that bad really if you live to tell the tale.

7. Or just do one of my Pilates classes and you’ll feel divine and elegantly empowered.

After all of this, if anyone asks, you can tell them no, you are not procrastinating, your just chilling!

Enjoy your day my lovelies!


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