Still Suffering From Sugar Overload?

Easter Egg overload?

Anyone buy them half price on Easter Monday adding to your secret chocolate stash? Who’s guilty?

Did you know that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Shock, horror……yes, really?

That means most people I know, including myself and probably most of the people on the planet are drug addicts. We must be! because everybody knows how bad it is for you yet we still go ahead and eat it every day in absurd quantities.

Ok, so lets be realistic here, maybe you want to kick the habit but need to be weaned off gradually. Well the good news is there are ways to help us stop spiking our blood with this toxic stuff.

Here are my 5 Top Tips for today:

1. Eat more Protein

Eating enough protein can help stabilize your blood sugar and help you feel more satisfied and reduce your sugar cravings.

2. Raw honey

Like sugar, honey also has glucose and fructose however it is not just a sweetener. It is full of benefits; high in vitamins, antioxidants, living enzymes and antimicrobial properties. It has a low GI rating, becomes alkaline in the digestive system and doesn’t ferment in the stomach helping with digestive issues. Also perfect on the skin to heal wounds and treat acne. However, limit your intake and do not overload even though it is a healthier option.

3. Water

Drink more water, add lemon, herb teas, and notice the reduction of sugar cravings. We often misread the signals in our brain that we need a sugar fix when we just need to be hydrated.

4. Fermented foods and drinks

Probiotic rich fermented foods and drinks can effectively reduce sugar cravings by balancing the bacteria in your gut. The less processed foods you eat, the less bad gut bacteria is reproduce. Bad bacteria loves sugar and ignites sugar cravings.

There are two types of drinks called kefirs: milk kefir (made from cow, sheep, or goat milk and also from coconut milk) and water kefir (made from sugary water or coconut water, both of which do not contain any dairy). The sugar here reacts different in the gut.

Sauerkraut which is cultured vegetables. Buy it unpasteurized or make your own.

5. Eat your Fruit

Reduce your sugar hit and learn how to juice properly to create a more alkaline environment. When you get rid of the fibre you end up with extracted sugar which will spike your blood. Eat your fruit to get the fibre and water so your body can metabolize it more efficiently. Apparently, a glass of apple juice contains about the same amount of sugar as a glass of coke!

Even though it is natural sugar you are not eating it in its natural form when juicing to get the full benefits. Juice less fruit and more vegetables and add protein and good fats to maximise the benefits. Check out https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/07/why-juicing-is-bad/ to help you juice more effectively.

 Here’s a Sugar FREE protein rich smoothie idea on my facebook page:


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