Be Prepared

According to Joseph Pilates at 54 I’m still a teenager:

“We retire too early and we die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.”

Age is truly just a number that we often attach a stereo type to. We can either conform or not. I choose not to.

I had my daughter at 41 years. I had no issues, a straightforward pregnancy and my daughter just popped out!  I actually loved pushing my daughter out. I felt all those years of training I could harness into those giving birth moments. I felt this was my opportunity to muster all the strength of an amazonian warrior and the mother earth queen hidden inside me!

So why not take control my lovelies and always be prepared to spring into action for whatever life throws at you. On that note, I want to share one very important thing, especially with the change of season, more daylight, sunshine and lighter spirits:

Pay attention to your Pilates Toes!

Ladies, for youthful feet, paint your toenails now spring is coming. Give yourself a pedicure for the sake of us teachers. Sometimes I have to touch your feet and it can sometimes be challenging. Trust me, you will feel better about exposing pretty toes and crack free heals, even if you’re struggling with the exercises!

Bring on more sunshine please universe. ☺xxxx

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