3 Reasons Why Pilates is So Good For You

I have been teaching pilates for many years now and  it never ceases to amaze me how profound and beneficial it is to our well-being. It is without a doubt the most inspiring and empowering form of exercise I have ever done.  It is the perfect exercise where East meets West in philosophy and physicality.  It definitely is work in progress as I can see there is always space to grow, improve and develop.

I love it when my professional dancers come to my beginners class because they never underestimate those fine details that you can easily lose when you do the more advance classes.  I always emphasise technique, technique, technique and work creatively within that context.

Here Are Three Tips Why You Should Do Pilates:

1. Instantly Look Taller And Slimmer

Simply by improving your posture and alignment, the way you stand, the way you hold yourself can knock  pounds off you!  You will look and feel taller, more elegant and move more confidently with grace and poise.

2. De-Stress

To get the best out of your pilates session you need to focus, be in the moment and give it your full attention.  This helps you not stress about what you need to do, what you haven’t done,  blah blah blah!

Not only do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally empowered you will feel both more relaxed and re-invigorated at the same time.

3.  Stretch, Strengthen And Tone

There is nothing better after you feel like you’ve had a good stretch.  Well why not combine it with strengthening and toning?  This is what pilates exercises do. The stretches are dynamic which means you move as you stretch and the exercises strengthen your muscles at the same time.  With all these exercises you always work your core muscles  and get a deep abdominal workout. Here’s one to try, an exercise called the one leg circle: https://youtu.be/5Ja48ZJ7cqc

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