Groove it, Move it, Shake it, LET’S DANCE!


Hallelujah we have sunshine!

I am overwhelmed with delight now that I can now wear my summer clothes. If you are anything like me, when the sun comes out happy hormones just explode and yes, I do feel more in the mood for dancing! Dancing for me is freedom – Just being able to move to your favourite music, whether you are on your own, in a class (my class, of course), at a club or social gathering.  I really love watching people let loose and not caring if they are being watched – even if they have a limited sense of rhythm.   It’s incredibly liberating

As you know, it was International dance day on April 29th, but who needs a reason or a date to dance?  Dance builds stamina, improves balance, works your core muscles, burns calories, and can improve your mood. Plus, in many cases, you don’t need to invest in lots of equipment you simply need clothes you can move freely in.

Bee Bee,  Zumba Teacher from London says “One of the best things about dancing is that while you can have so much fun moving to the music and getting fitter while also meeting new people, you’re getting all the health benefits of a good workout and having a great time too.”

There are lots of styles you can try with different tempos and speeds. It’s about finding a class that will benefit you and your style and, most importantly enjoying it.

Here are some examples of dance fitness classes you can try:


Zumba is a South American dance fitness class involving high-energy dance and aerobic movement performed to high-tempo music. Over 15 million people worldwide take part in Zumba classes and the average person will burn 600-1000 calories at a class. WOW!

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is a physically demanding sport. Using a static pole to work out on, you will get a whole-body workout improving strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.  Forget the associations – women dancing for money – as it is a killer workout.

Street Dance

Street Dance is a powerful dance style which will help develop stamina, co-ordination and confidence.  It is a freestyle dance incorporating hip hop, break dance and house.  It’s a very cool dance style, and although generally associated with youngsters, don’t let that put you off – Dance is for everyone!  If you’re a mum like me, however, with teenagers, you might not want to go to the same class as your kids as they may never speak to you again.


A real confidence boosting dance style to help you unleash your inner sensuality and have lots of fun in a safe environment.  It is liberating, playful and expressive.  It will help improve you posture, alignment, body awareness and encourage you to just own it! Yah, I say this as I click my fingers and strike a pose.  Yes, it helps to bring attitude sisters!

African Dance/Afro Beats

The wonderful thing about African dance is the music.  You can feel the rhythm running through your veins as you are compelled to move.  It is energetic, earthy, passionate and invigorating.  There are many different styles associated with the different countries. There is traditional as well as the more modern and a fusion which has given birth to Afro Beats, which is currently very popular.

Line Dancing

Yes, it is still around, Line dances are choreographed to a whole range of routines to all genres of music, such as Country, Irish, Latin and pop. This is very popular with older people and is good for joints and circulation. It’s also great for meeting people too.

So yes, Groove it, Move it, Shake it my honeys!


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