National Vegetarian Week

Did you know that last week was National Vegetarian Week?

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, I am sure we all know it’s always good to add more fruits and veggies in our diet.  People become vegetarians for different reasons whether it’s on health or moral grounds.

One company made a bit of a boo boo this week upsetting a few vegetarians when they put on their celebratory national veggie week menu chicken courgette spaghetti! Some poor office bod will probably be slightly embarrassed for a while. There is always great lessons in making mistakes….like hopefully you just don’t’ do it again.

I was once told if you make a mistake you are likely to learn 6 times quicker. That makes me feel hopeful.

I am not suggesting we all go out and deliberately make mistakes to learn a lesson to push you forward in life. I am saying it’s ok to make mistakes, ( I’m not talking about those serious ones where someone dies or gets injured just to clarify) people hopefully get over it, hopefully you will get over it and move on.  I call it owing it!

Anyway I think I have digressed as I have 9 top tips I have come across that may help you become more veggie conscious.

Here we go….

  1. Get a blood test – see  if you have any deficiencies, if so use food supplements if necessary.  Often vegetarians and vegans are low in vitamin B12 so you may have to supplement that.
  2. Get creative –  Whether you are a vegetarian or not get creative and improvise. If you find a great new recipe but it isn’t vegetarian, don’t worry, just make some simple substitutions to make it work for you. Aubergine can replace the meaty texture of beef, and beans go great in any stew or soup dish.
  3. Cookware options – Buy a blender, super handy for making smoothies, soups, and quick sauces.  Food processors, pressure cookers, vegetable steamers and slow cooker are all great for preparing cooked vegetables without much hassle and eliminates the need for oil and frying.
  4. Stay inspired –  More than ever we have easy access to recipes online so if you get bored look at new recipes and start adding more herbs and spices.
  5. Buy local produce – visit farms, and farmers markets or look at home delivery services like The Farm Drop.
  6. Buy organic produce – Less toxins from pesticides and other harmful chemical definitely ideal.
  7. Grow your own – Such a pleasure to know you have grown your own food. Have you heard of inside gardening?  Ikea are introducing a hydroponic indoor gardening kit.  I personally want to investigate more even though I have a garden.
  8. Eat what’s in season – There is a sense of being more in harmony with your environment when eating seasonally.  Also less carbon footprint if that concerns you and less expensive.  The flavour and aroma is always worth the wait.
  9. Bring wilted veggies back to life – Soak wilted greens, carrots or celery in cold water for 20 minutes to bring the crunch back
  10. If you cheat, just don’t tell anyone!



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