A Pilates Posture Will Help You Step into Your Super Powers

One thing I sort of promised myself not to do, was get into debates on facebook, particularly with people I don’t know.  BUT this week I broke the rule for my love of Serena.  Serena Williams is very pregnant on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine.  The image is both stunning and tasteful.  A friend put the image up on her facebook page to pay homage to this iconic image and the magnificent women herself.  However, what was incredibly shocking was the amount of people slamming Serena in the comments, saying the photo was distasteful, she is shameless and one man even said she reminded him of a dog!

I love dogs but why would a man compare a successful, beautiful and powerful pregnant women to a dog? I just had to say something in a dignified way of course, “When people say horrible things about someone, in my opinion it is more about a reflection of themselves.”  That was confirmed with the torrid of abuse I got back.  With my thickening layer of skin, I keep my cool as I really didn’t need to prove myself right to a woman hating gutter mouth man.

What struck me even more was how today, 2017 not only were there disapproving men commenting but there were also WOMEN!  Come on now sisters, seriously, what is going on? And why?

However, I did offer a simple solution –  don’t like, don’t look.  Otherwise that is a lot of energy to invest in something you don’t like, don’t you think?

In my world, an image of a naked pregnant women photographed tastefully is so symbolic and powerful. It represents the life force energy on the planet, the carry of life, creation, the nurturer, mother earth, mother’s love, compassion, hope, potential and that badly needed feminine energy to penetrate in all corners of the earth.

The pressure out there for a woman to behave and look a certain way, to constantly feel inadequate and no, you’re just never quite good enough because of how she decides to show up in the world amounts to abuse on all levels.  Let’s face it, industries and institutions of belief systems, and plain ignorance etc, exist because of the desire to be oh so right and YOU oh so wrong, and they thrive on it.

Once I got pass the shock element of those comments, game on – I stepped back into my loins with my Pilates posture and I started to stand taller, feel more fearless and defiant.  I remembered when I chopped wood with my bare hands in a Kung Fu moment (yes, true).  Plus, there is nothing as fierce than when a badass Jamaican girl curses.  However, I’m a second generation so it doesn’t sound so tough but in my heart I am a kick ass sassy warrior wearing high heels, a figure hugging outfit and bright red lipstick.  My mission is to inspire and empower.  I want to save the world and bring love, peace and harmony to the universe.  And get those stupid people with stupid opinions to stand in the corner and repent!

Time to own it and show up! Be your own super hero, why not?

Until next time,


Your Sassy Mindful Peace and love Goddess Warrior, nough said!

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