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Pilates In The Park,

Summer is truly here and it feels heavenly.  I’m smiling at strangers, their smiling back at me. I can hang washing on the line and it dries the same day. Plus, the world can see my pretty painted toe nails as I wear my sandals. Sunshine has got to be the best medicine on the planet and I’m addicted. Any opportunity to be outside in London on a sunny day, I take it.

When I arrived at the studio one morning to teach a Pilates Stretch Flow Class I was engulfed in sweltering heat  because the air conditioning was not working.

I paused and thought, do I complain and make a fuss? as you do…. hell no!  there was only one solution –  go outside in the park across the road. (We have the licence to do so).

Everyone was so excited as I suggested it and quickly grabbed their mats and bags with happy smiley faces and eagerness.

When the weather is amazing in London it is the best place to be.

It was awesome as we enjoyed the magic of nature whilst being surrounded by the sounds of the city; cars hooting, music booming, sirens screeching and children playing. When you are in the moment there is a stillness and you also see the beauty of the sky, the majestic trees with their branches gentle swaying with the rhythm of the cool breeze. This is my world. I love South East London.

Pilates in the Park

It felt blissful and freeing.  There is a certain magic when your barefooted on the grass feeling grounded and connected to the earth.  You feel a life force energy that is healing, refreshing, harmonising, while both relaxing and energising.

Pilates for me needs to feel good in the moment. I want to help people move freely with confidence, alleviating aches and pains, stretch and tone, feel connected to themselves and be empowered by it. Obviously there needs to be a challenge but not one to leave you feeling depleted, exhausted and burnt out. By over stressing your body this can lead to other health issues. Suffering to feel better?  My body says NO because that really doesn’t make sense.


Retreat Time

All this talk is making me even more excited about doing my next Retreat.  As much as I love London in the sun, I also love travelling and I feel another Retreat coming on. Last stop was Puglia, Italy, next stop possibly Marrakech, Morocco with an urban retreat.  This is all in the planning stage and I will keep you posted.

Here are 5 reasons why you should come on my Retreat:

  1. You can indulge in a Pilates experience and relish in that feel good factor as you slow down and work from the inside out.
  2. An opportunity to totally relax, unwind and de-stress, listen to your body, eat healthy food and enjoy holistic treatments, like amazing massages and whatever else that is available at the time.
  3. Strengthen your relationship with yourself. You are entering a Sacred Space that has been created just for you.
  4. Meet and hang out with like-minded people.
  5. Return home refreshed, reinvigorated and re-energised.

I will keep you posted.  Remember those who hesitate may miss a golden opportunity. Right now I’m off to get more golden and sunbathe. ?

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