Having a Negative Moment? Let’s Deal With It

Let’s face it, shit happens and you sometimes get pissed off and feel negative. Then that conversation in your head starts telling you No, negative thoughts are wrong for a conscious 21st century woman.  I’m supposed to be Ms. Positive all the time, right?  I read all the right books, I’m spiritual, I meditate and practice mindfulness. Then, I become pre-occupied with guilt about having negative thoughts and immediately forget what upset me in the first place.

The worst thing is when a stranger passes you by on the street and says, ‘smile it may never happen’ and you just want to say ‘too late mate, it has and that’s why I am wearing a poker face dude. So don’t look, don’t make eye contact because I’m also hormonal.’  Then I let out a lioness roar and swing my hair back and forth (or maybe not).

So, if this resonates with you, it’s safe to say your human.  I suppose we are just like the weather, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  That’s just being real.

Reflection is important and having time to process things helps give you a new perspective.  And sometimes you just need a little kick.  Do I have all the answers? No. But I’ve got some great tips to help you feel better, which will help shift those negative thoughts when they enter your world, and they will enter your world, so you just have to find ways to not stay stuck.

Here we go:

1  Stop complaining and get it out of your system by writing down what bothers you. It’s a cathartic way to off load, and get the stuff out of your head.  You will feel lighter and this will help shift your energy.

2.  Make a habit of showering and getting dressed nicely in the morning, even if you are not leaving the house and even if it is the weekend.  This gives you a feeling of pride and dignity, giving you that much-needed confidence. More importantly it signals to your brain that you are ready to seize the day and boost your well-being.

3.  Do something to help you feel even more attractive and well groomed.  You feel much more confident and positive if you feel more attractive and feel well put together.  Do something, anything that gives you that feeling – Pamper yourself, get your hair done, or have a massage and don’t save that favourite lipstick just for a special occasion.

4.  Go for a walk in the fresh air and be in a place of nature.  This will help bring balance and harmony.

5.  Move your body in some way. Try doing any form of exercise that you enjoy to release endorphins and fill your body with happy hormones.

6. Listen to music or healing sounds to get some good vibrations running through your veins to shift your energy. The power of sound is a very ancient tradition having a resurgence in today’s field of energy medicine.

7. Breathe and learn to connect with your breath.  Find the rhythm and flow of inhaling and exhaling.  This will help stop the chatter in your head and create change throughout your mind and body.  You will be forced to be in the moment and be more mindful.  Correct breathing can help you to relax and feel more in control without your thoughts running away with you.

8. Smells: Wear your favourite perfume or burn some aromatherapy oils that you like – This has been proven to trigger emotions and memories so make sure they are happy ones.

9.  Write down three things that you are grateful for, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

10.  Change the conversation in your head and create a mantra just for you or find one you have read somewhere.

11.  Help someone and show an act of kindness. This takes you out of your head and more into your heart.

And that my friends is all for now and remember a good raw dark chocolate is always an option.

Peace out.

Cherron xxx

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