Grenfell Tower

Speaking from the heart.

This week I have found it so hard to write. My fingers numb as I try to absorb the enormity of what has happened with the fire in West London. I am feeling overwhelmed with sadness and equally overwhelmed with the out pouring of compassion and solidarity.

I’m so proud of my sister and nephew that without hesitation went to West London to help. I plan to actively help soon too. I love how not just as a community people unite but as a city and a country. This incredible out pouring of love is beyond colour, race, religion, gender or class.

When I was travelling on the bus this week I witness the most incredible moment. There was a father with his baby boy about 9 months old in his pram. This beautiful baby was very alert and upright with a big beaming smile. Our eyes met and his smile just lite up the space.

Then a women came on the bus with her baby girl in a pram about the same age. The mum parked the pram next to the baby boy.

What happened next was magic. These two babies just looked at each other. They then both reached out their hands to touch. The mum then moved her pram closer so the babies could grasp each others hands. When they touched they just held each others hand and looked into each others eyes. It was like they were looking and recognising each others soul. They made no sound or flinch. That silence and stillness was powerful, it punctuated that moment with an intensity that took my breath away.

Pure Love. Unconditional love at its purest. Needless to say, others who saw this where touched and moved to tears as well as me.

I want to live in their world. Children can teach us sooo much, most of all is that one basic human need is to give love and received love.

What a precious gift to be reminded that love speaks the loudest. Love is love, pain is pain. To show love can help take away maybe some of the pain. Sometimes being childlike is a necessary thing.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

Dalai Lama

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