16 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Have you ever felt you just missed a golden opportunity because you were too scared to go for it, just case you made a fool of yourself?  And, If you didn’t act in that split second, that moment would be gone and the opportunity missed? 

Well, I think I recently had one of those moments and this is what happened. I teach Pilates at a lovely sports club in south east London.  They had an opening of their new fabulous cafe but I arrived one week late for the opening. Whoops! Got my dates wrong.

Despite the mishap, and taking pity on me, they gave me a fantastic smoothie and an amazing chocolate brownie. 

As I sat in the cafe, I suddenly found I was surrounded by famous people. I’m terrible with names but I know I have seen them all on the TV and at the cinema. It seemed this was the location for a new film.

I stayed a little and absorbed the atmosphere celebrity-spotting.

I reached for my phone to take a few snapshots but stopped fearing this would be unprofessional.

I stayed and chatted with the reception staff who wanted to find out more about my book. Yes, “Love Unboxed” – the one that’s made me an international best-selling author (I’m not missing the opportunity to share that with you!)

In the book, I write about an accident I had in the bath and they were quizzing me about what actually happened. I told them just to buy the book because I ain’t telling ya! We all had a nice chat and a good laugh.

Then a humble looking man walked through the reception and the club manager shouted out to me to tell him about my book. Slightly embarrassed, I obliged and to my surprise he was a willing listener. I was quite impressed with myself for being so bold. 

Then after he left, my work colleagues informed me that I had been speaking to Oliver Parker, director of The importance of Being Earnest, Hellraiser, The Big Games, St. Trinian’s, Johnny English and the list goes on and on.

Oh my god, one part of me wanted to run after him and give him a copy of my book – I had a spare copy in my bag for moments just like this.  Who knows what could have happened? He could have read my story, fallen in love with it and decided to drop all his other projects immediately to make a film about my story, with me playing the lead (I still have my Equity card so I’m ready). 

I’d then be invited to all the Hollywood parties, we’d win Oscars… Done deal in my head – I’d already planned my dress for the red carpet. All of that went through my mind at that very moment!

I didn’t have the courage to give him a copy of my book, however, or tell him how much he needed me to advance in his life’s purpose.  Oh well, I am sure his career will survive…  

For me, however, there was only one solution, and that was to have more chocolate.  I’m talking about the real dark stuff and not the sugary, milky calorie-laden imitation.  Raw cacao is chocolate in it purest form which is the most powerful.

Why?  Because it is good for me, and also described as “Foods of the Gods.”  Did you know that the Aztecs regarded it as a sacred plant and valued the beans as currency? And if that wasn’t enough, here are 16 additional reasons I have found for eating it which are;

  1. Helps balance your hormones and can help to reduce stress levels, when cortisol is too high it can cause weight gain.
  2. Contains the same chemicals released in the brain when you fall in love giving you that blissful and euphoric feeling.
  3. Can suppress your appetite.
  4. Very high in antioxidants
  5. Lowers bad cholesterol.
  6. Helps lower blood sugar.
  7. Increases blood flow to the brain.
  8. Is high in flavanols, which help protect the skin from sun damage.
  9. Can help prevent diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  10. Very high anti-inflammatory properties.
  11. Prevents premature ageing – the polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao belong to the same group of antioxidants as green tea and red wine.
  12. A great source of good fats, similar to the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil.
  13. Gives you loads of energy and combats fatigue, mainly to do with the very high levels of magnesium.
  14. Can help improve kidney and stimulate bowel function.
  15. Helps to protect against osteoporosis also because of the high levels of magnesium.
  16. Very nutritious and a mineral rich food containing fibre iron, copper, manganese and more.

So remember the darker the better, and eating chocolate is sometimes very necessary!

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