Hold on, I will answer that question before you fully process it: Hemp will NEVER get you “high” taken in any form. It has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects, is non-additive and none-lethal. Hemp seed is made from a different variety of cannabis from marijuana. Yes, it is legal but you will need a licence to grow it here in the UK.

You may have noticed there is an enormous hemp revival happening, with hemp lotions, potions, milk, protein powders and flour in your local shops.  This is perhaps not surprising as hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable crops in the world. Not only is it wonderfully versatile but it is highly nutritious. It can even be used to make paper, fuel, rope, fabric, oils, medicine, housing building material and plastic as well.  Herbicides or pesticides are not used, but is there is moderate usage of fertilisers to grow.  Sounds like a farmer’s dream, right?

I must admit when hemp products first started to appear on the shelves, I was confused. Initially, I remember only seeing it in my local health shop which always seem to be at the cutting edge of developments in health and well-being. Now it is everywhere.

Writing about this substance has reignited my passion for homemade hemp milk.  As a former raw foodie and someone low on time and patience, here is a quick and easy recipe for this delicious nutty tasting milk I use to do: Blitz unhulled hemp seeds in a blender with water and a dash of salt then strain through a sieve.  You can buy these online or in a good health food shop and you don’t need to soak them in advance

But don’t use lack of time for not doing something that is good for you as an excuse. Having more time is an illusion. It’s how you choose to utilise your time, which is key.

I’m reminded of a lecture by Bob Procter, author of ‘You Were Born Rich’.  For Proctor, the most important lesson in life is to learn how to make decisions.  By not making decisions results in life just happening to you, and maybe patterns reoccur and life doesn’t seem to progress. Writing this is a catharsis for me and I have decided at this very moment in time to buy some hemp seeds and start making my own milk again today.  Be inspired to save money and improve your health with this unorthodox and yet creamy, nutty flavoured, dairy-free and nutrient-rich alternative to regular milk.

The motto here is this: writing helps you to process and clarify your thoughts, make better decisions and feel inspired. It’s a fact that successful people make decisions quickly. Even if the consequence of the decision wasn’t the best, quick decision-makers learn to move on and take responsibility for how they feel and deal with life. Food for thought.

So here are some brilliant facts about Hemp to help you decide on whether you want to indulge in this Superfood time and patience;

1.It’s high in fibre, contains virtually no carbs and absolutely no sugar. It will even cleanse your colon;

2..Three table spoons of hemp will provide you with 10 grams of protein;

3. It’s safe for diabetics;

4. With the combination of being high in protein, fibre and containing healthy fats, it is a perfect cocktail to boost your metabolism to aid weight loss;

5. It has the perfect balance of the omega fatty acids proven to help with depression and anxiety;

6. Magnesium is the number one mineral people are deficient in. Three tablespoons a day will provide you with 50% of your daily requirement of magnesium, which is critical for brain function, building strong bones, improving digestion,  relaxing your muscles and helping you sleep;

7. Hemp seeds are nutrient dense making them nature’s number one superfood according to Dr Axe, doctor of natural medicine, a clinical nutritionist and author;

8. Hemp seed was successfully used in a 1955 Czech study to counteract the severe “nutritional deficiencies” caused by TB;

9. Hemp has vital globulins that fight antigens in the bloodstream, making it a “must have” food for those with immune system diseases;

10. Sprouting hemp seeds have increased nutritional value and are ideal in salads or for making milk;

11. When hemp seeds are pressed for oil, the by-product – hemp seed cake – was once the main feed for both farm and domestic animals;

12. Hemp seeds contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties helping to repair tissue making them an ideal post-exercise snack;

13. Try using hemp instead of soy; soy contains phytic acid, which has been known to block mineral absorption. Hemp does not;

14. On a gluten-free diet? Add hemp flour, oil, seeds and powder to your list of staples;

15. The best way to store hemp food products (especially hulled hemp) is to freeze, refrigerate or keep it in a cool, dark place.  Don’t store hemp seeds in transparent containers as light produces free radicals in the oil content;

16. Beware of the additives in shop bought hemp milk.  They often contain carrageenan or brown rice syrup;

17. If you like nut milks but fancy an alternative, you’re likely to enjoy hemp milk as it also has a slightly “nutty” flavour. It’s also a great alternative to dairy, soya and oat milks. Make sure you drink within two days as it has a short shelf life;

18. Hemp works particularly well in chocolate-based recipes: It really brings out the flavour and adds body and texture;

19. Try adding two tablespoons of fresh, raw hemp seeds to your smoothie.  You’ll be adding essential fatty acids and an additional six grams protein;

20. Don’t panic if you see microscopic flecks in some commercial hemp milks: These ‘flecks’ are nutrient-packed bits of hull;

21. Among many other super-nutrients, hemp contains both arginine and histidine – both essential for childhood growth.

22. Dry hair? Try hemp shampoo and conditioner. The rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 emollient content in hemp seed oil make it particularly effective at combating straw-like locks;

23. Hemp contains the ideal ratio of essential fatty acids, ensuring you maintain healthy skin, hair and nails and are able to fight inflammation;

24. Hemp allergies are highly uncommon. If you do react, you may be allergic to additives like carrageenan (another reason to check the label) or the plant’s pollinating agent;

Let me know of any other benefits I haven’t included.

I hope that by reading this you feel inspired you to do two things;

  1. Avoid sitting on the fence and start making prompt decisions.
  2. Add a bit of hemp to your life.

Peace out.

Cherron x







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